A Clean law for dogs

Some years ago, the mayor of Madrid gave us a law, which any dog couldn’t do a poo on the public road. For that reason, the council have built enclosed places, properly signposted, where the owner will take to his dog to put its excrements. If in your area hadn’t toilettes for dogs, the owner will must take a bag of plastic from a special litter bin; he will pick up and will throw out the thing of animal into the bin. If someone doesn’t apply this law will be fined for dirty.

Manners and laws in Spain

The “siesta”

 It’s a Spanish custom which you might rest some minutes after lunch; between 20 and 30, in general, but some sleep a couple of hours. It`s a short dream in order to restore energies for the rest of the day. It’s from Spain and Latin America, but also in China, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Greece, Half East and North Africa. This word “siesta” comes from the Latin expression hora sexta, which means the hours from 12 to 15 pm of day. The Spanish language started to use the term. The best place to lie down is the bed, but looking the photo we can sleep in any place. At the moment and unluckily, less of 20% of the Spanish people practice this healthy custom.